What is a short sale in Petaluma?

Are you asking yourself what is a short sale in Petaluma?

Homeowners that want to avoid foreclosure should consider participating

Are you asking what is a short sale in Petaluma?

in a short sale. Many people will ask what is a short sale in Petaluma? A short sale is a situation in which a person reaches out to their mortgage lender in regards to the fact that they are underwater with their mortgages. Many people develop this issue due to a loss in income, a death in the family or a mortgage payment that increases due to an adjustable rate mortgage.

When people ask, what is a short sale in Petaluma, they need to know that a lender will allow people to sell their home to avoid having it ripped away from them and the sale will satisfy the terms of the mortgage. The amount of money that is received as proceeds from the sale is less than what is owed, but will allow the lender to clear their books and walk away with something. This helps to protect the credit history of the borrower and gives the lender some of the outstanding balance that is owed. It is important for people who ask what is a short sale in Petaluma to understand that it can be difficult to move a house quickly. This is why our company works to buy homes from sellers directly so that they can complete a short sale as quickly as possible.

The mortgage lender that holds the note will want to be sure that they get the most money possible during the transaction. This helps to satisfy the terms of the mortgage loan rather than have to go through the costly process of foreclosure. The bank makes the final say on whether or not an offer from a buyer gets approved.


The upside to using our company is that we can complete the sale in seven days. This can help sellers ease their troubles so that they can move on. Many people become emotionally attached to their homes over time. We work to help people gently make the transition so that they can sell their home quickly. This allows people to ask what is a short sale in Petaluma to professionals so that they can know everything they need to know to fully comply with the short sale terms that have been outlined by the bank.

What is a short sale in Petaluma? It is the opportunity to start over again after going through a harsh financial ordeal. In today’s world, this can be a much needed benefit. Many households struggle so being able to learn what is a short sale in Petaluma can help to get people back on track.

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