Short Sales in Sonoma – Challenges You Need To Be Ready For

Short Sales in Sonoma
Short Sales in Sonoma

Selling a short sale property is no easy task — especially at a time like right now when the market is absolutely flooded with short sales in Sonoma, as well as foreclosures. Even if you properly follow all the below tips, and others, you likely won’t be able to find a buyer for your home. That’s where we come in as an alternative, because we actually buy lots of short sales in Sonoma — but more on that later. If you’re interested now please call us at (707) 939-9450 to discuss your property. Otherwise keep reading to learn more.

Patience is Key With Short Sales

Just because “short” is in the name of how you are selling your home, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to wait. In fact, you may have to wait quite a while for your home to sell, if it sells at all. This of course comes after you’ve already waited for your lender to approve your short sale in Sonoma. Yes, if you have not initiated your short sale yet, you need to understand that you may not be approved by your lender depending on many factors like how many short sales in Sonoma they have on the books. However, banks don’t do well in the home ownership game, as you know from the fallout of the housing crisis — so if you put together an adequate short sale package you should be fine. Which leads us to our next point: your short sale team.

Without a Short Sale Team You Could Easily Get Turned Down

You need experts, and a whole team of them at that, to help craft your short sale package so you have the best chance at short sale approval. Who do you need on your side?

? Short Sale Real Estate Agent

? Tax Consultant

? Real Estate Attorney

Short Sales in Sonoma Come With Lender Requests

When you put your home up for a short sale in Sonoma, your lender will likely request you do certain things before they approve this method of moving the property they still own. If you are short selling, you’re doing it for key benefits like avoiding the longer and more painful process of foreclosure. Work with your lender, put your team as state above to good use, and you’ll get through the approval process most likely. However, that doesn’t mean anyone will want to buy your house — they have tons of short sales to pick from. That’s where we come in.

How We Can Help With Your Short Sale

Have you not found a buyer for your short sale? Or, have you not received offers you find acceptable? It’s good to check out all your options before you decide, and we’re proud to say we’re among the quickest and easiest. We buy short sales of all types because we’re not simply looking to move in like a regular buyer, we make profit off these homes.

The first step you need to take is to call us at the number below. We want to talk about your home during an initial consultation to feel out whether or not the property is worth our full attention and research. If it is, we’ll look over your home completely and let you know our decision. If we decide to buy, we’ll make you an offer and schedule a closing date. It really is that simple.

Having trouble finding a buyer for your lender-approved short sale? Call us now at (707) 939-9450.

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