Selling your House in Sonoma? A few things to remember.

Selling your house in Sonoma?

Selling your house in Sonoma can be one of the most difficult things you have ever done. On one hand is the emotional aspect of it – it is not just a building with a few walls and a roof thrown in. It has been your home. A refuge for your family, a place where your children have grown up in. However now that you have decided to sell it, it is time to set those feelings aside. Remember that you are looking at a business transaction and want to get the best deal you can get.

While selling your house  in Sonoma, you need to keep the following things in mind.

When Selling Your House in Sonoma, people are judging property, not your home When Selling Your House in Sonoma

There might be emotions and memories attached to everything in your home. The stain on the wall where your children tried their hands at drawing their favorite cartoon character. The scratch on the cabinet from when your husband had tried to assemble it himself.

Everything has a story behind it. However potential buyers will not see the memories. They will see the defects. So get them fixed.

Get the House in Shape When Selling Your House in Sonoma

Give it a thorough cleaning. A coat of fresh paint if possible. Get the plumber to look at the pipes, the electrician at the wires. Yes, it might cost you a bit but it will pay in the long run. A sharp looking house with everything in tip top shape is more likely to get a far better price in the market. When you are selling your house  in Sonoma try to sell the best house you can get your hands on.

When Selling Your House in Sonoma, Get your house Evaluated

You may have a certain price in your mind while selling your house. But is the price realistic? Do not depend on the advice on friend and family. Get a clear idea by hiring a professional. Only a professional appraiser will be able to tell you the price you can expect to get.

Marketing your House When Selling Your House in Sonoma

Now that you have the house in shape, and the right figure in mind, how do you get the buyers? You could of course put up a ‘for sale’ sign right up front. But the chances of that getting you a proper buyer is extremely slim. Hire an agent. Spend a little on publicity. Take out an ad in the local newspaper or on a property website. Make sure the ad clearly highlights the selling points of the house. If you are uploading a notice on a website, remember to add pictures. (Ideally high quality pictures by someone who knows how to shoot houses.)
Showing your House

This could be tricky. You will need to get your sales spiel just right. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and understand what he or she is looking for. Be honest. Tell them the great things about the house and the neighborhood. Also the things that is not so great. They’d rather hear it from you than someone else. Most importantly know when to be quiet and let the buyer get a feel for the house for themselves.

Negotiate Well

If you have done your homework properly, you already have a fair idea about how much your house will sell for. But remember to compromise a little if necessary. If need be, be ready to go down a little on the price. Never ever ask for too much as this might chase good prospects away.

The trickiest part about selling your house in Sonoma is the negotiation. Knowing how much to give in and when to make a stand. If you do not have a professional doing it for you, be very very careful.

Close the Deal

Close the deal as quickly as possible. If you dither about this, good buyers might just go

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away. Keep all the paperwork ready. Research financing options. Remember that in all probability your buyer might know far less about buying a house than you know about selling it. If you can advise him on mortgage options, it might even help you get a

better price.

Selling your house in Sonoma? Make it Easy!

The points explored above were just a few among the hundreds that you need to understand and know while selling your house in Sonoma. However there is an easier way. Sell your house to us. We specialize in buying houses in any condition, in any situation. We offer the best prices the market has to offer.  We pay fast, fair, and honest prices. You could be selling on the dotted line in less than even a week. So if you are planning on selling your house in Sonoma, just pick up your phone and give us a call now.


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