Need to sell fast? We buy any house in Windsor and the surrounding area. The house-selling process has never been easy. There are many people out there who want to sell their home, but they do not know where to begin. Others think that their house is in less than perfect condition, therefore no one would be willing to buy it. The good news is that we buy any house in Windsor regardless of its current condition. So, if you are needing to sell your own house, call us today to get started (707) 939-9450.

Why Choose Sunvest Property Solutions?

Top reasons why you need to come to us if you are selling your property or need to sell fast.

fast fair offer
Fast, fair cash offer!

We are Not Brokers

Actually, we buy any house in Windsor directly from the owner of the property. This means that we are not brokers or middlemen in any way.

Home Condition is not a Concern

As mentioned earlier, we buy any house in Windsor regardless of its condition. Whether you are relocating or just want to sell your home, call us today (707) 939-9450 and we will come to you. We will evaluate the property and offer its equivalent cash value. That way you will walk away smiling.

Never Mind About The Location

You may be concerned that since your house is located in the outskirts of a town we won’t be able to buy it. Not that way. In fact, we buy any house in Windsor and the surrounding area, no matter the location. We are dedicated house buyers.

We Buy At the Best Prices

The real estate market is ever changing. Prices of properties are sometimes unpredictable. Still, there are many unscrupulous house buyers out there who want to swindle you. That is why you should call Sunvest Property Solutions (707) 939-9450. First, we do a thorough evaluation before we buy any house in Windsor. After that, we will give you a price estimate.

We Have Adequate Capital

Note there are people who pose as house buyers and yet they do not have enough capital to run the house-buying process. As such, they keep luring clients here and there until they give up. At Sunvest Property Solutions, that is not the case. Whether you are selling a condo, flat or any other type of house, we can offer you a fair cash price.


You need to choose Sunvest Property Solutions if you are selling your house. We buy any house in Windsor at the right price, we don’t mind the condition or the location. Just contact us today (707) 939-9450 and we will seal the deal as soon as possible. Remember, once we see the home and make an offer, it’s possible that you will be pocketing your cash in less than a week. You can visit us online HERE, or give us a call (707) 939-9450 and one of our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

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