How to Have a Short Sale in Rohnert Park

Looking for a solution to help you conduct your short sale in Rohnert Park?

So, you have decided that you want to have a short sale in Rohnert Park. That decision is a big first step, but how exactly do you go about it? Short sales are a good solution for some sellers, but not all. Be sure that, before you proceed, this option is truly the best one for you. When you can’t pay your mortgage, but want to provide your lender with a substantial portion if not the majority of what you owe, short sales are particularly appealing. If you would like help unloading your home via short sale in Rohnert Park, please call the number below now.

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Key Steps to a Short Sale in Rohnert Park

1. Call Lender: You need to first speak to the correct
lender, the short sale lender. Make sure you are
talking to the decision maker for short sales in Rohnert Park

2. Send Authorization Letter: Lenders need your
authorization to discuss your personal information in
order to consider a short sale in Rohnert Park. Simply write
them a letter providing the pertinent information, such
as your agent’s name and contact information, the date,
your name, the loan reference number and the property

3. Hardship Letter: You need to sell your hardship here
to your lender, as best as you possibly can. Lenders do
make exceptions for life troubles (those resulting from
criminal acts are not particularly convincing), so
don’t just assume lenders don’t care. They want to at
least get something for you house rather than having to
foreclose upon it and truly accept a loss.

4. Preliminary Net Sheet: The HUD or estimated closing
statement depicts all sales costs, the expected sales
price, and late frets and payments still due.

5. Income & Asset Proof: When it comes time to prove
your net worth, it’s important to be fully honest —
list all sources of income and all assets.

6. Bank Statement Copy: Lenders need copies of your
bank statements because it helps them identify reliable
patterns of income. This is essential when they are
considering a short sale in Rohnert Park. If your income is
not a set amount every two weeks, or some other
traditional structure, it needs to be explained.
Without predictable income, lenders are able to
understand why you need to short sell your home:

7. Comparative Market Analysis: Declining market values
can contribute to why you can’t pay off your lender; a
comparative market analysis proves this and helps make
your case for a short sale. Get your real estate agent
to create a CMA for you illustrating homes sold in the
past half year, pending sales and homes on the market.

8. Listing Agreement & Purchase Agreement: Your lender
needs copies of these documents if you find someone to
buy your short sale.

What You Need to Do Now to Conduct a Short Sale in Rohnert Park

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We do this because we have the ability to buy homes that others
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home you can no longer afford.
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