What Is A Deed In Lieu?

A Deed In Lieu Sonoma can be much more beneficial than doing a short sale or even getting foreclosed on. In this article we’re going to discuss how a Deed in Lieu Sonoma can be

Deed In Lieu Sonoma
Deed In Lieu Sonoma

a good choice for you. Please be aware that this article is strictly the opinion of the author and for informational purposes only. You should always consult a qualified professional before making any decisions relating to finances or your house. We are not attorneys

Selling Instead Of Deed In Lieu

Selling your house for cash before a foreclosure can be a great alternative to a foreclosure or a deed in Lieu. If you sell your house early enough, there may be little or no negative effect on your credit. You also may be able to pay the lender off in full, satisfying your obligation to them. Contact us today, we may be able to buy your house for cash well before any foreclosure date or need to do a deed in Lieu. Simply call us at: (707) 939-9450

Are There Advantages To Doing A Deed In Lieu?

A deed in Lieu Sonoma can offer several advantages to both the borrower and the lender. The borrower typically is unable to make the mortgage payments. The lender simply wants either payment, or the collateral that was used in the mortgage, which is the property. A deed in Lieu is a way to potentially relieve both by “letting the borrower off the hook”, and giving the lender the property back. The borrower may also be able to avoid any public notices associated with the foreclosure process, which can be harmful to one’s reputation.

Why Should I Do A Deed In Lieu Sonoma?

There are several benefits to the borrower doing a deed in Lieu. A Deed in Lieu Sonoma may affect the borrowers credit less than a foreclosure does. Many times the borrower may also receive a payment for agreeing to a deed in Lieu. Each situation is different, but many people have received thousands of dollars in a process called “cash for keys” where they do a deed in Lieu and return the property to the lender.

How Can I Do A Deed In Lieu

Before you do a deed in Lieu Sonoma, you should certainly contact us first. We may be able to buy your house for cash for a fair price and close quickly. Again, this would alleviate the need to do a deed in Lieu and the potential credit damage or other complications that may come with it. Simply fill out one of our response forms on this page, or call us directly at: (707) 939-9450. We may also be able to give you some ideas if you do decide on a deed in Lieu Sonoma. Alternatively you can call your lender directly. Again, it’s always a good idea to consult a legal professional so you are represented if you do a Deed in Lieu.

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