Avoid Foreclosure With a Cotati Short Sale

Are you facing foreclosure? Have you considered alternatives such as a Cotati short sale?

Have you determined that a Cotati short sale is right for you? It doesn’t matter why you need to sell your house fast — the loss of your job, the rest of your rate due to having an ARM, or another reason — short sales can be a great option for many homeowners, particularly when compared to foreclosures. However, keep in mind that short sales don’t always close, and when they do it takes in general a very long time.

Cotati Short Sale Alternatives

A Cotati short sale is a big decision, so make sure  that better alternatives aren’t available to you first. For example, loan modifications and revised placement plans are common alternatives, as well as private mortgage insurance. PMI is a standard cost if homeowners put less than 20% down in the first place, but the PMI company will advance you the funds to make your payments current  if they think you can bring in the income that will allow you to improve your financial status. At this point in time, you’ll need to repay these funds, of course.

Deciding on a Cotati Short Sale

Once you know that a short sale is your best option, be hopeful that it gets finalized because you don’t want to go into foreclosure no matter what. Also, remember that short sales often don’t go through, despite tons of work towards that goal. Whether or not you even get to perform a short sale is up to your lender. Essentially, you need to convince your lender that you can not pay now or later and that they will lose more money if they don’t let you sell via short sale. You must experience a serious financial hardship in order for a lender to listen; and keep in mind that lenders are not stereotypes, they listen and want to understand your situation. After all, your finances affect them as well.

You Can Be Declined For a Cotati Short Sale

First of all, if the reason of your financial hardship does not seem particularly taxing enough to your lender, you’ll be declined by your lender. Make sure that your hardship is new and substantial, such as unemployment, divorce or a major health issue. Predatory lending is also a very good reason for financial hardship. It places blame on the lender. Just as a lender will not grant concessions to a dishonest buyer, the buyer should not grant concessions for dishonest lenders. Predatory lending was a contributing factor to the housing collapse, so these cases are more common today than one would think.

How Can We Help With Your Cotati Short Sale?

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